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Who We Are

Leading the Digital Telecom Industry

TEL25 is the first company in Taiwan to provide digital telecommunications services for enterprises. We integrate Telco resources over 150 countries around the world. In addition to wholesale resources such as voice, phone numbers, and roaming data, we also provide customized applications for MVNO. Solutions to assist enterprises in diversifying their operations and building telecom brands.

Digital Telecom Pioneers

We have assembled a professional R&D team in the field from both Telco and IT aspects to provide customers with excellent services.

Driving Innovation in Telecom

We are a group of energetic young teams with high flexibility and agility, who are not bound by the traditional telecom framework, constantly pursue innovation and try new things. Embracing new ideas and ventures, we constantly push boundaries to redefine the telecom landscape.

What We Offer

Wholesale of Telco Resources and Providing MVNO Solutions


Global Telecom Resources


TEL+ Solution


Customized Telco Products and Services for Enterprises

Best Telecom Resources Wholesaler

TEL25 specializes in wholesale telecom resources, including voice, SMS, and roaming data. By offering professional technical support and development, we help enterprises to develop Telecom products for establishing their own digital telecom brands based on market demands.

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MVNO Solutions

Through our TEL+ SaaS Platform, TEL25 delivers comprehensive Telecom solutions. We assist businesses in integrating the Telecom resources by MNOs, constructing a complete application system, and effortlessly entering the MVNO market.

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Our Partners

Telecom Resources over the World

At TEL25, we have cultivated strong and enduring partnerships with operators. Leveraging our expertise in the MVNO market and communication technology, we offer our clients access to a vast array of global telecom resources. These partnerships enable us to deliver stable, fast, and secure connectivity, ensuring high-quality connections for our clients.

Our Clients

100+ Enterprises Across Asia Pacific

"Entering the telecom market is easier than you think !"

TEL25 offers comprehensive resources, creating various possibilities for businesses, making it easy to extend their business reach.


TEL-U is an all-in-one Mobile App for data roaming with eSIM, in-app Voice and SMS, as well as providing VAS . With TEL-U, users can seamlessly enjoy international data roaming services, call forwarding, and multi-countries mobile numbers, all without the need for physical SIM cards. Embracing borderless technology and innovative telecom services, TEL-U captures new opportunities and secures a significant share of the travel market.

Telin - Hong Kong

Telin HK is a subsidiary of Telkom, the largest telecommunications company in Indonesia. TEL25 provides telecom technical support services to Telin and has established a technology team in Hong Kong. TEL25 has also developed telecom solutions that cater to the specific needs of local consumers.

Connecting Smarter

Choose TEL25, to create new value for your business.

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Empower your Business with Digital Telecom


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