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MVNO Solutions

At TEL25, we offer comprehensive MVNO solutions that enable businesses to seamlessly enter the telecommunications market. Our goal is to help businesses expand into diversified areas, unlocking new opportunities and possibilities.

Our solution goes beyond providing telecommunications resources - we also offer digital tools such as HTTP API integration and customized applications to assist businesses in establishing their own digital telecom brand. With our solution, businesses can quickly deploy their services, attract users to the market with competitive digital telecommunications products, and achieve sustained growth and expansion.

HTTP API integration to complete White Label AppVNO Mobile App development.


Mobile Network Operator (MNO)


Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE)


Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)


MVNO Users


Mobile Network Operator (MNO)

As a MNO, it operates its own mobile communication network infrastructure and provides voice, SMS, and data services to users or resources to other operators. In Taiwan, the major mobile telecommunications operators are Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, and Far EasTone Telecom.

Challenges in integrating MNO resources


Time-Consuming Process


Limited Resources


Lack of Negotiation Flexibility


Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE)

TEL25 serves as a crucial intermediary between MNOs and MVNOs. Through our TEL+ SaaS platform, we offer a wide range of technical and business services tailored specifically for MVNOs.

Advantages of choosing TEL25


In-house R&D Team

Our team consists of professional experts who continuously innovate and optimize our profession and technical skillset, ensuring we can deliver the most suitable solutions for anyone.


Complete Solutions

Leveraging telecom wholesale expertise, we offer a comprehensive suite of technical and business services to meet diverse customer needs.


Comprehensive Product and Service Line

From technical support to App development, our comprehensive MVNO solution streamlines operations and saves time and resources.


Proven Market Validation

With practical experience in market deployment and successful operations, our team has earned a solid reputation and garnered positive feedback.


Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

MVNOs may operate the Telecom business without the infrastructure from the Radio sector, and usually through MNOs. MVNOs attract users and differentiate the products via branding and marketing strategies.

Benefits of establish MVNOs


Brand Expansion

By utilizing telecom services, enterprises can enter new markets, expand their brand influence and awareness.


Stable Cash Flow

Enterprises can reduce costs, diversify risks, and adopt flexible operating models to ensure a stable customer base.


Building an Ecosystem

Enterprises can foster collaboration and synergistic development among their businesses, expanding their portfolio.


Asset-Light Operations

With no need for costly network infrastructure and systems, businesses can achieve faster market entry while reducing investment costs and risks.


MVNO Users

There are around 200,000 users of MVNO services in Taiwan currently, representing less than 1% of the market share. While the MVNO market in the Asia-Pacific region is still in its early stages compared to Europe and America, it presents significant growth opportunities.

MVNO benefits for consumers


Promotional Offers


Flexible Contracts


Personalized Services

Our Services

Telecom Software Solutions

We assist businesses in integrating the Telecom resources by MNOs, constructing a complete application system. This enables businesses to reduce setup costs and operational burdens while effortlessly expanding into new business models.

Whether you are a large enterprise or a startup, we are dedicated to providing personalized and competitive solutions that help you achieve your business goals and drive sustainable growth.


Telin - Hong Kong

Telin HK is a subsidiary of Telkom, the largest telecommunications company in Indonesia. TEL25 provides telecom technical support services to Telin and has established a technology team in Hong Kong to develop core technologies. TEL25 has also developed telecom business modules that cater to the specific needs of local consumers.

White Label Apps

For enterprise clients with limited technical teams or resources, we provide assistance in building complete application systems, including backend system development, frontend user interface design, and related services. With our help, businesses can effortlessly launch new products or services, saving time and resources required for in-house development.

Moreover, our solution goes beyond technical integration. We also offer business strategies, process optimization, and operational management support on behalf of the enterprise. We provide comprehensive management support to ensure the smooth operation and sustainable growth of the product or service.


TEL-U is an all-in-one network roaming application that harnesses the power of eSIM technology. With TEL-U, users can seamlessly enjoy international roaming services, call forwarding, and multi-country mobile numbers, all without the need for physical SIM cards. Embracing borderless technology and innovative telecom services, TEL-U captures new opportunities and secures a significant share of the travel market.


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